District heating spacers


In district heating applications pre-insulated pipes are widely used.

During production process, foaming of insulating material is inserted in the gap, between the pipe and the casing.

For doing this operation, pipe and casing must be held in a concentric position and rigid central rings are usually used for this purpose.

Thanks to its long experience with pipeline spacers, S.T.A.M.P. is designing and implementing a new flexible central rings family, just for this application, whose main features will be:

  • dramatic reduction of time for central ring fastening on the pipeline

  • reduced dimensions range to cover full pipe diameters

  • relevant cut-off of moving and stocking costs, due to an improved packaging system

  • lower time for positioning auxiliary cables.

Moreover the fluodinamics of foaming materials, when injected in the gap, is positively affected by Stamp insulating central rings, improving the whole insulation.
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