S.T.A.M.P. has its own workshop for moulds production, in order to offer its customers the best of its know-how developed during many years.

Our experience and great passion allow us to produce very small, medium and large moulds with absolute accuracy, in order to obtain very high technical products.

We produce thermoplastic injection moulds,    transfer    and    thermosetting



compression moulds, with particular experience with BMC (polyester).

Our technical department, using 2D and 3D softwares and taking advantage of the  flexibility and speed of 3D surface modellation, follows all steps of the project which include software acquisition of the customer's item geometry, solid modellation, design, mould construction and testing of its components, granting the final expected result, thanks to the possility of scientific analysis of internal mould flow behaviour.


Always working together with the customer, we engineer the product, chosing the type of injection or the most performant steels and the thermal treatements, regarding to the quantities to produce or polymer to use.

Particular attention is devoted to the choice of injection points, hot multi-print moulding, the risers formation or type and shape of cast channels, in order to grant the best result ever, with a special eye on total costs.



Our workshop uses 2D and 3D CAM, technologically advanced equipment, high speed five axes machines, to work on tempered steels, wire and plunge electroerosion, grinding machines and lathes.

All equipment is always updated and checked in order to grant a high quality standard.


On request, our Technical Department is available to supply you with a project planning of the product and a Rapid Prototyping service, in order to check the shape and the features of the item you have to mould, before producing the mould itself.


  For more information, a project planning or a quotation, please Contact us
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