Quality policy

Quality Policy

It's our responsability to supply our customers with quality products that fullfill requirements, on time and at reasonable prices.

This policy is supported by:









  • tridimensional measurement equipment - DEA,  optical gages, gauge and micrometer  assortment certified by SIT.

Quality Manual

Our policy as been issued in a Quality Manual that follows The International Standard ISO 9001- 2000.


S.T.A.M.P. is a SNAM qualified supplier, according to ECC directive 93/38.

Moreover Eurospacer insulating spacers range is Snam GASD A.09.01.06 qualified.








  • managing and control procedures formally issued in the company "Quality Manual". The manual is up-dated time by time.

  • continuous improving of manufacturing processes to increase efficiency labour training

  • employees training

  • investments in new testing technologies, product traceability

  • continuous monitoring of customer's satisfaction.

  • action toward "zero defect" production

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