Public Address

S.T.A.M.P. produces its own range of plastic components for public address sector: round and rectangular megaphones, with different dimensions, and a ceiling speaker version.

They can be used for any application where you need to sonorize large indoor or outdoor venues such as swimming pools, sporting circles, public buildings, factories etc.

They can also be used by police forces.


Megaphone version is also available in smaller dimension, suitable for being used as safety acoustic signal.

The megaphones, made of stabilized UV polypropylene (PP) in grey color, and ceiling speakers, made of white ABS, are particularly strong and resistant and are suitable for totally insulating internal magnetic units from dust and moisture, allowing their use in any weather condition.


We offer our skills to develop new lines of public address speakers, according to specific needs and in codesign with the client.

For more information about the products or for asking advice about a customized version, please  contact us  

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