Rapid prototyping

The increasing demand for having protypes, at low costs and in short time in order to perform shape and qualifying tests just before moulding, has brought S.T.A.M.P. to supply its clients with rapid prototyping service, using different technologies accoding to specific features of the item they want to test.



Among the most used rapid prototyping processes there are synterization and stereolytography

Through these processes you can have high quality prototypes, in terms of dimensional accuracy, superficial wrinkling and mechanical performances, allowing a rapid development of the whole project too.


Moreover a wide range of materials, similar to final ones, is available for mass production, in addition to the possibility of producing items, through silicone or steel moulds  and baby presses,  which are equal to the final version, in terms of aesthetics and performance features.

These technologies of rapid prototyping are generally considered valuable means to reduce "time to market" and allow to perform well-timed market tests.

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