Fluid network solutions: Eurospacer spacers 


The aim of insulating spacers is positioning, supporting and electrically insulating carrier pipes from casing in the crossings of roads, highways, railways and waterways.

Different products are usually used to carry out this job:

  • wooden stakes

  • metal casing insulators with spacing blocks reinforced with fiber glass

  • plastic insulators with metal inserts

  • metal free plastic insulators

In this background, "Eurospacer" insulating spacers are the last generation of metal free patented products made of synthetic resin.

"Eurospacer" insulating spacers are the answer for a set of economic and operating requirements such as:

  • the evaluation of total expenses for the achievement to the chosen solution (product price plus labour and installation costs)

  • sliding and damage risks for the insulating spacers during installation in long crossings

  • long operating lifetime of the piping network


  • Material: High density polyethylene (HDPE)

  • Snam qualified product (GAS D A9.01.06.02)

  • Metal free

  • A very precise regulation to assure a perfect adhrence to the carrier pipe

  • Designed for being reused in case of wrong installation

  • Easy and fast installation: light elements, no taping, no particular preparation of the carrier pipe, no special tools required for assembly.

  • Suitable for long crossings

  • Same operating lifetime as the carrier pipe

  • Stock reduction: high modularity and optimized packaging.

  • Excellent chemical, termic and mechanical resistance

  • Excellent sliding of the carrier pipe in the casing, with minimum wear of the spacing blocks.

  • U.V. rays protection: a special HDPE compund is used to prevent insulating spacers from deterioration caused by U.V. rays exposure.

  • Available in stock for carrier pipes with diameters between DN15 mm (1/2") and DN 1200 (48"). For higher diameters, please contact us.

Volumetric mass (ASTM D792): 0,96 mg/cm3
Yield strength (ASTM D 638): > 24 MPa standard
30 Mpa (on demand)
Compressive strength: 3.000 psi
Temperature: -20C a +60C; - 5 F a + 140 F
+100C (212 F) on demand
Hardness (DIN 53505 o ASTM D 2240): 61 Shore D
Dieletric strength: 150 kV/mm - 3750 V/mil -
53481 VDE 0303-T2
Surface strength: ohm (pure material)
DIN 53482 VDE 0303-T3
U.V. rays resistance: good


"Eurospacer" products range can be used for gas pipelines, oil pipelines, water pipelines and district heating where carrier pipes are made of one of the following materials:

  • polyethylene
  • PVC
  • steel
  • coated steel
  • cast iron
  • plastic reinforced by fiber glass


When you use "Eurospacer" insulating spacer the only costs you have to face are:

  • "Eurospacer" purchasing costs
  • labour cost of a worker who assembles each insulating spacer in one minute.

On the other hand, the costs you save up are:

  • costs for a particular preparation of the carrier pipe: no surface cleaning and no taping (and related costs of purchasing and installing the tape) are required
  • costs for special assembly tools (you need only a hammer for assembling "Eurospacer")

  • supplying costs for additional elements required on the jobsite ("Eurospacer" insulating spacers are packaged in kit, ready for assembly).


S.T.A.M.P. always works together with its clients, during the development of the projects, to cope with particular requirements.

A large database of achieved projects allows our experts to find the most suited solution to every customer's need.

Specific researches and custom-made solutions can be arranged with customers: STAMP considers their increasing demands as its best possibility to be always ahead.

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