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News about Magnum Eurospacer

Innovation goes ahead.

Your requirements are our strongest motivation for implementing new improvements to our products.

Let's see some of them:

  1. the insertion side of Register S has been extended, in order to avoid the need of a hitting block for sealing the insulating spacer around the pipe.
  2. Magnum Eurospacer table has been updated as follow:

  • Register M has been removed as well as the availability of Magnum Eurospacer for nominal diameters between DN 200 (8”) and DN 350 (14”). A market analysis showed that this range of diameters is already well covered by Midi Eurospacer. However, if your installation has to face risky situations (i.e. heavy loadings or particular abrasion levels), please contact our Technical Department.

  • the range of Magnum Eurospacer nominal diameters has been extended up to DN 1400 (56”)

  • a column called "Spacing Blocks" has been inserted in the table. It reports the number of spacing blocks on each insulating spacer, for every nominal diameter. This number is a quality index: the higher is the number, the better is the behaviour of insulating spacers during installation, because:

    • you have a higher number of spacing blocks which support the weight of the pipe, if an accidental failure (due to anomalies on the internal surface of the casing) happens during installation

    • you have an uniform and continuous support of the pipe, if it rotates during the insertion in the casing, just thanks to the high number of spacing blocks which also resist to warpage (a problem which could happend if their number is very low).

  1. There is also a new element for Magnum Eurospacer, called "Extra Shield".
    It's a stiff element which can be inserted by pressing it at the end of a spacing block, without the aid of metallic elements or glues for tightening. Its aim is granting an extra-strenght to the spacing blocks which directly support the weight of the carrier pipe, preserving them from abrasion and accidental collision (particularly when roughness and unevenness are present on the internal surface of the casing).
    "Extra Shield" element for Magnum Eurospacer is available in different versions according to the different heights (25-41-60-75-90) of spacing blocks.

Extra Shield versions Example of Extra Shield installation
  1. At last, Magnum Eurospacer is composed by the following elements:

  • module 1

  • module 2

  • register S

  • spacing block

  • extenders "Xtension"

  • element "Extra Shield"

And resuming:

  • with modules and registers you can compose the continuous bands which form the insulating spacers

  • spacing blocks extenders "Xtension" can ben inserted in the spacing blocks and allow to have particular eccentricities, according to specific needs for positioning the carrier pipe inside the casing, also avoiding its floating, in case of water loss.

As you can guess, in this way Magnum Eurospacer becomes a system of modules and elements which allow you to assemble (at a convenient price) customized insulating spacers, according to your specific needs.


New version of LLSleeve end seal

Test of new LLSleeve end seal:
- Internal diameter DN 6"
- External diameter DN 10"
- air pressure 1.1 Bar


In order to meet some customers' specific need, we made some laboratory tests on different versions of LLSleeve end seal, inflating them with air at a pressure not lower than 0.8 bar. Thanks to this positive experience, we have improved the standard version of LLSleeve end seal which has been modified as follows (see the Installation guide):

  • LLSleeve end seal is completed, at its ends, with some small flags which can be turned back in order to have a higher slipping strenght

  • a new formulation of the sealing compound

  • the tying up is made with STAMP "CG adhesive tape" instead of Nylon insulating bands.


A new sealing solution: LLSleeve end seal

We have designed and produced a new end seal for cased crossings pipelines.

These end seals are realized in two versions:

  • with longitudinal zipper, for sealing or restoring the seal of existing cased crossing pipelines

  • without zipper, for new pipelines installation

For more information, see Sealing systems.

15/10/2004 Products catalogue

S.T.A.M.P. products catalogue (Acrobat© pdf format) can be downloaded directly from Fluid network solutions - Overview.

22/09/2004 Flexible pillar for signalling

It's available a new flexible pillar for aerial and terrestrial signalling is available, realized in accordance with recommendations for aerial signalling of gas pipeline networks.

Made of composite material, it is proof against casual collisions (up to 30°), with elastic flow and no “whip effect”, and abrasion marks.

For more information, visit Aerial and terrestrial signalling area.

08/09/2004 District heating central rings

S.T.A.M.P. has realized a new district heating central ring, which offers many advantages in terms of easy and quick installation, relevant cut-off of moving and stocking costs, wide dimensional stock.

08/09/2004 Midi Eurospacer new heights

Following market demand, STAMP has extended Midi Eurospacer spacing blocks up to 60 mm.


Heights of spacing blocks for "Eurospacer Magnum" reach 200 mm.

In the autumn of 2003, we introduced a new Magnum Eurspacer version with spacing blocks of 90mm.

Later, a lot of our customers asked us to develop higher spacing blocks, in order to have more concentric or eccentric spaces between the casing and the pipeline.

These additional spaces allow higher margins of safety (for example, in case of flood) or for placing additional pipelines (for signalling, electrical power or telecommunications).

For this reason, S.T.A.M.P. has developed a project of different extenders which smartly solve the need of suppling Magnum Eurospacer with spacing blocks of 200 mm height.

Thus there are also available heights of 110, 125, 135, 150, 165 and 175 mm, while higher heights are supplied on demand. This solution respects the basic functionalities of Magnum Eurospacer, such as band flexibility which grants a firm tight of the spacer to the carrier pipe.

25/05/2004 A new application for FAST Eurospacer

Recently, Fast Eurospacer has been tested for a new application.

It can be applied to electric wires, telecommunication cables and also fiber optic cables, in order to preserve the coating integrity and granting electric isolation, when cables are pulled into the casing.

Installation mode of Fast Eurospacer on cables is the same as it happens on a steel pipeline: the only difference is the distance among the spacers which changes as regards to cable flexibility, diameter and also to the height of the spacer.

For more information, please contact us.

28/01/2004 Updated catalogue

S.T.A.M.P. catalogue now includes a complete system for signalling filled-in-networks , which is based on conic and double-pitched warning signs for aerial localization.

For terrestrial localization, S.T.A.M.P. produces plastic pillars, locating signs (flat or rounded, to allow 360° visibility).

After one year of tests, S.T.A.M.P. can now offer a wide range of winning products, in terms of variety of dimensions, quality of materials and production technologies and also in term of high performances (easy installation, excellent weatherproof, no maintenance and interesting economical advantages).

For all these reasons they are really appreciated by many important companies of our sector and some of them have already been qualified.

08/11/2003 Magnum height raises up to 90 mm

A steady attention to market requirements has led Stamp to increase the height of Magnum spacing blocks up to 90 mm.

03/10/2003 Technical approval for Fast Eurospacer

Fast Eurospacer has obtained the techical approval by our test-engineers. Technical tests has been made through internal procedures which strictly follow SNAM qualification tests.

14/03/2003 New products

S.T.A.M.P. claims to become the qualified partner to supply smart solutions for any matter, concerning fluid/gas transportation and piping network.

Finalized projects, now under industrial development, are:

  • piping stakes

  • wrap-around end seals

  • plastic elements for tunnelling

These projects are aimed not only for designing a product but for supplying smart solutions which cope all the related concerns (lifetime, mainteinance, corrosion prevention, revamping).

To be up-to-date on this topic, please subscribe our Newsletter.


“Eurospacer” insulating spacers claim improved features

High wear resistance, tight adherence to carrier pipe and insulator blocks close spacing, make “Eurospacer” insulators suitable for reliable crossing longer than usual (120 m, 390 ft).

We are getting figures about actual crossing of 1000 m (3300 ft), DN 650 (26”) where carrier pipe is equipped with “Eurospacer” insulating spacers.

S.T.A.M.P. is structuring these data in a consistent frame and evaluating how to carry on lab tests for setting up new extended features vs. crossing length/diameter.

In the same way, STAMP is testing unusual spacing between “Eurospacer” insulators along the carrier pipe and investigating relation between carrier diameter, casing internal surface and fluids.

“Eurospacer” high carrying capacity and tight adherence credit for longer spacing than present one of aprox 2 m (6 – 7 ft).

When available, these new feature tests will give piping designer new opportunities, where no compulsory spacing has to be set.

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New procedures for testing “Eurospacer” insulating spacers.

Present testing procedures are time and resources (materials, equipments, labor) consuming, because they are usually carried on jobsite.

S.T.A.M.P. is engaged in a project to establish laboratory procedures on modules suitably stressed, whose results are linked to actual field behaviour.

These new laboratory procedures will be validated by STAMP large case history, deriving from its qualified customers.

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