The way we were

In Italy, design was born after the Second World War, thanks to economic boom, started in the Fifties around Milan, where a myriad of small and medium companies opened with the idea of competing with the rest of the world, on the basis of production quality and aesthetics.

In those years, interior decoration, household items, fashion and automotive sectors  saw the birth of a new creativity, which matched the intellectual unrest and the productive one.

The items realized in those years were designed and produced to be part of the everyday life, at home, at the bar, in the office, through an endless tension between the evolution of a high quality craftsmanship and an evolving automatic mass production.

S.T.A.M.P lived in the first person that period, growing both as a laboratory for new ideas (with the deposit of new patents and related products which we realized directly) and with a cultural level and entrepreneurial experience, which contibuted to develop our professional skills.

With the strong belief that what we were is an integral part of what we are today, S.T.A.M.P. has set up, inside its headquarters, a little exposition of plastic items, made with celluloid or bakelite, which date back those years.

Herewith you'll find some of the items which are part of our collection and, among them, there are some which we produced directly.

Enjoy the little tour in our past!

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