Ancillary processes


In order to meet our customers' requirements who (according to logistics, avalaibility, time and costs reasons) ask for complete and assembled plastic items, S.T.A.M.P. has always been able to supply them, thanks to its technicians and equipment, with ancillary processes such as:


  Assembly and mounting

S.T.A.M.P. is able to assembly and mount products, thanks to a dedicate unit which preassembles and mounts finished products for small and big series, which also include structures of considerable dimensions (more than 20 square metres).

All operations are made by specialized and trained operators with appropiate tools.


These tools are often specifically designed for a single assembly work to carry out.

Our 3000 m of warehouse area allows the appropriate packing and warehousing of all assembled products.

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  Hot riveting

Hot riveting is done by joining pre-punched parts, generally made with mould, in plastic or composite material. These parts are then assembled to form an item of higher dimensions.

We grant the constant durability of the riveting and the high quality of the junction, which is visually appreciable.

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  Ultrasound welding

Ultrasound welding allows to join steadily plastic material components or to insert metallic parts in them.

We use this technique to simplify moulds design and production.

Main advantages of ultrasound welding, compared to other assembly techniques which use solvents or adhesives, can be resumed as follows:

  • very good mechanical hold

  • lasting and resistant welding

  • aesthetical perfection of the welded item

  • very short welding times (few seconds or tenths of a seconds)

  • semplification of moulds design


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  Pinch trimming

We offer a complete service for mould and high precision pinch trimming such as: electric contats, pins, connectors for electronic industry, frames for integrated circuits and also sheet metal, grommets and pointers for horology industry.


Worked materials are steel, stainless alloy, copper, bronze, brass, aluminium: trimmed components can be supplied unpacked or reel wrapped and used for overprinting or assembly.


Equipment are Bruderer high-speed automatic presses which allow to work on medium and big lots too.


We also have sophisticated equipment which can constantly monitor dimensional features of the products.


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