Plastic materials


We produce natural and coloured granules of technopolymers, thanks to the wide range of available raw materials, in order to meet our customers' several needs.


Our strenght is based on flexibility, advanced and efficient technologies, high quality degree of raw materials and a production capacity able to meet the stringent delivery times for both domestic and foreign markets.


The constant monitoring of all production steps, the continuous technological laboratory research for developing plastic materials which comply with the most stingent  specifications,   the possibilty  to supply  our  customers   with  customized samples of RAL and Pantone colourings, for any polymers, and an efficient technical assistance made up a reliable and dedicated company which evolves continuously.


We have different single screw and double screw extruding lines, well equipped with dosing lines.


This organization enable us to grant short delivery time, also for big quantities, and match with  the overall, even severe, specifications (glass reinforced, autoestinguish, UV etc.).


We achieved UL listing (yellow card) which grants lot-by-lot quality consistency, complying with the severe UL regulations.

Moreover we use a dry blending technology for a time and cost optimization.


Enter our world full of colours, where you can find an answer to your countless needs.


Anyway, if you don't find what you are looking for, we can provide you with custom-made solutions, at a very convenient price/quantity ratio.


As general information, our main technopolymers, availble in 1000 kilos lots and more, are the followings:


  • ABS

  • PA6 - PA66

  • PBT

  • PC

  • PC ABS

  • PP/Glass

  • PPO

  • PS

  • SAN

  • special mix, made according to specific needs adding glass fibers, microspheres or other materials.

  • sample colourings

  • first quality or industrial quality materials

For more information or request on specific compounds, please fill in the il materials info form

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