S.T.A.M.P. offers its customers also a range of finishing:


  Laser finishing

Laser finishing allows to have accurate and permanent marks in order to put logos, letters or writing on any type of material.

Laser finishing can be applied regardless of the type of material used, with reference to its chemical composition, hardness, shape or colour.

From a technical point of view, laser finishing is a process of localized thermal heating, where a laser ray hits the surface of a material and changes its chromatic state.

Laser finishing is suitable for any situation where you must have:



  • permanent marks

  • very high definition marks

  • perfectly undamage surfaces (i.e. lack of contact between the item and marking system).

Moreover laser finishing allows to mark those parts of an item which are not easy to reach for other marking systems (e.g. silk screen printing or pad printing).

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  Silk screen printing / Pad printing

Customized silk screen printing or pad printing allow to decorate varied types of plastic items with 1, 2 or more pigments and have shining colours which keep their features unchanged over time.

Moreover, with pad printing, any designer also has the possibility to decorate an item using particular chromatic effects such as carbon, marble or metallized tonalities, allowing to sell the product on different markets.

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A long time experience, achieved thanks to our customers of automotive, radio and television and fashion accessories sectors, allows us to offer a high quality painting service for plastic items.

The goals you can reach through painting are varied:

  • anti-scratch

  • chrome effect (vacuum sputtering)

  • flocking

  • metallizzation

  • soft-touch

Painting can also be done on very small items.

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