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S.T.A.M.P. - Stampa Tecnica Articoli Materiali Plastici - S.p.A., founded by Mario Guerini, has been operating since 1943 in the field of transformation of plastic, molds construction and thermoplastic compounds.

Later we have widened our skills in supplying plastic items for public address and, later, in fluid network accessories.

In the section "The way we were", you'll find some of our past productions, following the strong belief that what we were is an integral part of what we are today.

S.T.A.M.P. strategic incentives are:

  • a deep knowledge of plastic compounds for a right choice

  • a wide and varied experience in molding and in using varied synthetic resins, thermoplastic materials and thermosetting BMC and SMC too

  • a well estabilished business relationship with its sector leaders

  • a deep knowledge of emerging technologies and the attitude for changing and implementing innovative solutions

  • a constant investment in new productive technologies and test equipments as well as dimensional and specific features control.

  • the design and development of products and molding equipments, using the latest CAD softwares.

S.T.A.M.P. can cope with the most demanding requirements of clients (even for strict tolerances) and can grant high-quality products (from an aesthetic point of view, as well), features consistency and punctual deliveries.

During this time S.T.A.M.P. has emerged as a market leader: today it supplies national and international leading clients in different fields, such as automotive, electromechanical, electric, electronic, wide consumption, pharmaceutical, fashion accessories sectors, as well as aeronautical and gas and water distribution sectors.

S.T.A.M.P. always guarantees the highest professionalism to meet the needs of a market which continously evolves.

With reference to the last-born sector of solutions for fluids networks, S.T.A.M.P. has designed and produced technical items such as "EUROSPACER" insulating spacers, to install on carrier pipes protected with casing.

  Eurospacer - Polonia

Lately S.T.A.M.P. products range has expanded, also including:

  • a complete system for signalling filled-in-networks, with pillars and sign for aerial, terrestrial, mural and underground signalling

  • sealing devices

  • district heating central rings

  • insulating spacers for eletric networks

65 years of experience
in moulding

4500 satisfied clients

1200 m of offices area

7000 m of production
workshop area


3000 m of warehouse area

500 m of checking and
testing laboratories

3800 moulds constructed

1460 tons of injection and compression presses

2861 tons of
injection presses

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